Daily Archives: January 20, 2013

Vacuum Tube Train : Vactrain

This is a proposed very high speed train . The working is thus,

  • It is a maglev train ( Magnetic levitation ),
  • To eliminate air drag at high speeds, air would be sucked out of close enclosures within which the train would run. That is why the name – Vacuum Train
  • The whole train line had to be under the ground to minimize sonic boom.

A proposed such train was being built by the U.S.A. to connect San Fransisco to New York . Its speed would be an unbelievable 8000  km/hr and take you from New York to San Fransisco in 1 hr only.

For some reason, it was dropped by U.S.A. but there is still interest in such a high speed Vactrain .



Jolla Phone based on “meego”

Jolla is a spinoff from Nokia.

They have made a new operating system called Sailfish which they say is capable of more multitasking than even the iPhone.

This means that they are striving to endear to the market of iPhone, which is massive.