Daily Archives: January 27, 2013

Some Human Skills

In the digital age, still we need to do farming, mining and cloth making kind of activities. These are some of the community skills. However some skills are purely personal .

These human skills must not diminish in complexity or stature. So, you must also keep performing some day to day activities besides becoming a geek .

For example, Google is a search engine but to be able to use it for complex works is really an art and requires practice. Same goes for using products like Microsoft Windows or Smartphones.


Mass Driver : A Better and Safe Launch Vehicle

Mass Driver looks brilliant. It is a technique to accelerate payloads on a launch pad and give them enough velocity to stay in orbit around a planet.

Mass Driver is just like a particle accelerator or cyclotron of today.

In this case, the payload will be coated magnetically and then sent into particle accelerator. The mass driver will then accelerate it to huge speeds .


StarTram is for Real

You must be thinking that things like StarThis and StarThat are all acts of fiction from the StarWars movie . But, in fact StarTram is not fictitious anymore.

It is actually a patent for a design of a new space launch vehicle. Today, we use jet propulsion to precision for launching space vehicles and satellites. Now, we can start using maglev technique to lauch space vehicles.

A StarTram is just an accelerator for increasing the speed of a payload to orbital velocity speeds.