Magnetic Refrigerator

Refrigerators that we use today use a lot of technology that is pretty common. A new kind of regrigerator was proposed way back in the times of World War 2 by German scientists. This sort of refrigerator works on the MCE , the Magneto-Calorific effect .

This science is developed and the devices have also been tested. This kind of refrigerator is a more powerful refrigerator. It will also run on electricity.

The major advantage of Magnetic Refrigerator is that it will not use the HFCs ( hydrofluorocarbons ) which damage the ozone layer. In populations where there are too many refrigerator per square km , like India and China, the possible damage to ozone layer is very high.

A Magnetic Refrigerator is a better device which completely revolutionizes industrial and home refrigeration. These refrigerators will be computer controlled, with operating systems like Android .




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