Monthly Archives: February 2013

Global Warming benefits food crops in Canada, Russia

Global warming may actually benefit food production all over the northern countries. For example, places like Russia and Canada will be able to grow a lot more crops because of opening up of ice-covered lands.

In coming times, they may well be the food superpowers of the whole world, because in most other places, food production would be declining.


Holographic Versatile Disc HVD after blu-ray

Holographic Versatile Disc ( HVD ) is a new type of storage device . It can store much more data than a blu-ray and still be of the same size.

HVDs can potentially store 1Tb of data, which is stupendous. They can very well replace the blu-ray .


Ion Thruster

Ion Thruster is a thrusting mechanism which is alternative to chemical propulsion used today.

This propulsion uses Lorentz force to accelerate ions.

It can be used for a huge number of purposes. Accelerating ions can provide thrust for a spaceship or satellite.

This technology is better than chemical propulsion in some ways. But, there are some limitations as well.

Once those limitations are overcome, such a rocket can be very well feasible.