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Holographic Versatile Disc HVD after blu-ray

Holographic Versatile Disc ( HVD ) is a new type of storage device . It can store much more data than a blu-ray and still be of the same size.

HVDs can potentially store 1Tb of data, which is stupendous. They can very well replace the blu-ray .



Microsoft Future Vision : Watch It

Microsoft is still doing what it was aimed for- trying to make homes and offices smarter.

Now, they are using computer technology, display advacnces, artificial intelligence and the good old Windows software to make potential smart houses.

The video describes how these houses will behave and how you can control them .

Wireless Energy

Scientists have performed an experiment to power to light a bulb without the use of wires.

This is a successful experiment and they are now perfecting the device for mass production.

Wireless energy will mean that our home devices like computers , speakers and monitors along with all the appliances that work on electricity will not need wires to power up.

This is also believed to make power transmission safer.