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Holographic Versatile Disc HVD after blu-ray

Holographic Versatile Disc ( HVD ) is a new type of storage device . It can store much more data than a blu-ray and still be of the same size.

HVDs can potentially store 1Tb of data, which is stupendous. They can very well replace the blu-ray .



U.S. Navy makes the elusive RailGun

Railgun is something we know from video games. Railgun was dreamed as a gun that can fire the bullet at much higher speed than a normal gun. U.S. Navy has actually turned that into reality.

They have made and tested a giant railgun capable of thwarting a bullet/slug at mach 7, i.e. 7 times the speed of sound in air.

The railgun surely creates a powerful sonic boom. With this speed, the gun gives the side strategic advantage in almost any land war and even in air or sea war.


Electronic Circuits Using Fluid Flows called Fluidics

Fluidics is a branch of science and engineering that is actually developed to a large extent. Fluidics uses fluid flow- gas, liquid or water to create logic circuits like adder, sub-tractor, multiplier etc. That is , engineers like Murray O. Meetze, Jr. have developed fluidic diode, fluidic triode and such logic elements that can easily be transferred to a semiconductor circuit.

Fluids have the capacity to generate a signal and even respond to signals. This branch is being employed for use in better aircrafts and other mechanical devices which earlier ran on purely mechanical components.