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LifeSaver Bottle

A LifeSaver is not a pathbreaking invention. It is just a bottle equipped with high precision filtering equipment and also devices to kill pathogens and virus. This bottle can be distributed by the WHO in illness prone regions where it is needed to clean the water regularly. Each individual will then have access to clean water through the LifeSaver bottle.



Panacea : The cure of all diseases

Many ancient cultures talk of the existence of panacea, which is a herb or a drug that can cure all diseases. Panacea has been strongly referred to as an anti-aging drug.

Actually, it is something that either ,

  • Boosts Immunity considerably
  • Or, naturally fights all diseases.

Nevertheless, there should be some research into this field.

Wireless Energy

Scientists have performed an experiment to power to light a bulb without the use of wires.

This is a successful experiment and they are now perfecting the device for mass production.

Wireless energy will mean that our home devices like computers , speakers and monitors along with all the appliances that work on electricity will not need wires to power up.

This is also believed to make power transmission safer.