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Panacea : The cure of all diseases

Many ancient cultures talk of the existence of panacea, which is a herb or a drug that can cure all diseases. Panacea has been strongly referred to as an anti-aging drug.

Actually, it is something that either ,

  • Boosts Immunity considerably
  • Or, naturally fights all diseases.

Nevertheless, there should be some research into this field.


Craig Venter Also Proposes Emailed Vaccines

Craig Venter believes that technology can enable us to mail vaccines to people. These vaccines can then be printed ( generated ) by 3D biological printers.

Then, we can just inject them easily at our home. The technology asks for the formation of 3D biological printers which can turn instructions into chemicals and vaccines.

This brings us to the world of internet sent medicines and computer generated medicines right at our home .

Craig Venter and his accomplishments

John Craig Venter is the man who has created artificial life. He has done profound accomplishments throughout his life.

He is one of the first persons to decode the human genome. He has now given insight into artificial life. His ideas are revolutionary .

He has also been listed in the Time magazine’s 100 most influential people worldwide. He is informally called ” Darth Vader of genetics “.