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Ion Thruster

Ion Thruster is a thrusting mechanism which is alternative to chemical propulsion used today.

This propulsion uses Lorentz force to accelerate ions.

It can be used for a huge number of purposes. Accelerating ions can provide thrust for a spaceship or satellite.

This technology is better than chemical propulsion in some ways. But, there are some limitations as well.

Once those limitations are overcome, such a rocket can be very well feasible.



U.S. Navy makes the elusive RailGun

Railgun is something we know from video games. Railgun was dreamed as a gun that can fire the bullet at much higher speed than a normal gun. U.S. Navy has actually turned that into reality.

They have made and tested a giant railgun capable of thwarting a bullet/slug at mach 7, i.e. 7 times the speed of sound in air.

The railgun surely creates a powerful sonic boom. With this speed, the gun gives the side strategic advantage in almost any land war and even in air or sea war.


Helicopter Crash in London

A Helicopter crashed in london . It crashed with a tall crane on a foggy morning . 2 people were killed in this crash.

The crash awakenes us to the need for ,

  • Better and more penetrating fog lights.
  • A better way to detect possible collision and avert it either manually or electronically.