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Flying Train made by Japanese engineers

I was talking about Hovertrains a few days back. Now, it has become reality.

Japanese enginners have made a flying train , much similar to hovertrain.

This train has speed of around 200 km/h. It is not breakthrough speed by the way. Actually , this train is cheap and efficient for travel .

A Hovertrain as a better train than conventional

Hovertrain is just a hovercraft which runs in a defined path bounded by track. The USA, UK and France were working on Hovertrains. But , for hovertrains , entirely new tracks had to be laid out, which would be too expensive.

Still, hovertrains are a nice mechanical innovation with least usage of energy. They just glide through the air , sitting just a few inches above the ground.

The technology can however still be used in new construction within cities for rapid commuting .